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HO BRASS Overland omi# 5041 Missouri Pacific SD-50 F/P
Like new in box omi# 5041 MP SD-50,beautifully Custom Painted for OMI. Test run good. Nicely detaile..

HO BRASS Overland omi# 3492.2  Santa Fe Baggage-Dorm  F/P plated
New in box omi# 3492.2 ATSF dorm-baggage beautifully factory painted/plated. Magnificently detailed ..

HO BRASS Overland omi# 3500.1 Santa Fe Budd Baggage-Express F/P plated
New in box OMI# 3500.1 ATSF Budd baggage-express,beautifully factory painted/plated. Well detailed,n..

HO BRASS Precision PSC# 17608-1 Santa Fe 4-4-2 Sleeper "Regal Lark" Directors Series F/P-Plated
New in box PSC 17608-1 ATSF Diectors Car series 4-4-2 sleeper "Regal Lark,beautifully factory painte..

HO BRASS Precision PSC# 17326-6 Milwaukee Road 36' Hiawatha  Beaver Tail Obs "Opechee" F/P
New in box PSC# 17326-6 Milwaukee 1936 obs "Opechee",beautifully factory painted. Well detailed. Nea..

HO BRASS Precision PSC# 17196-5 Milwaukee Road 39' Hiawatha  Beaver Tail Obs "Merrill" F/P
New in box PSC 17196-5 Milwaukee 1939 Hiawatha obs "Merrill",beautifully factory painted. Neat model..

HO BRASS Precision PSC# 18130.1 Santa Fe Blue Goose 4-6-4 F/P
New in box psc# 18130.1 ATSF Blue Goose Hudson.Beautifully factory painted blue with stainless steel..

HO BRASS Overland omi#1321 Rio Grande Ditcher w/Dollies C/P
Excellent condition Overland omi# 1321 DRGW Ditcher with dollies for flat car mounting. Beautifully ..

HO BRASS Overland omi# 4271.3 Missouri pacific Steel caboose
New in box omi# 4271.3 MP steel caboose beautifully factory painted. Nicely detailed. Purchased dire..

HO BRASS Overland  omi# 1531 Union Pacific FeF-3 4-8-4  F/ P 2-Tone
New in box omi# 1531 UP FeF-3,beautifully Custom Painted OMI. Magnificently detailed. test run only,..

HO BRASS Overland  omi# 5128 Union Pacific GP50 F/P
New in box omi# 5128 UP GP50,beautifully Custom Painted OMI. Nicely detailed. test run only,excellen..

HO BRASS Overland  omi# 61821 Union Pacific SD24M F/P
New in box omi# 6182 UP SD24M,beautifully Custom Painted OMI. Test run only,excellent. Purchased dir..

HO BRASS Overland  omi# 6549.1 Union Pacific C60AC F/P
Like new in box omi# 6549.1 UP C60AC,beautifully factory painted,lit with lit ditch lights. Nicely d..

HO BRASS Overland  omi# 1371 Great Northern Austin 30 Yard Dump Car F/P
New in box omi# 1371 GN dump car,beautifully Custom Painted OMI. Magnificently detailed with Kadees ..

HO BRASS Overland  omi# 3231.2 UTLX Single Dome Tank Car F/P
New in box omi# 3231.2 UTLX one-dome tank car,beautifully Custom Painted OMI. ..

HO BRASS Overland  omi# 3039  Grace ACF Cylindrical Hopper F/P
New in box omi# 3039 Grace cylindrical covered hopper,beautifully Custom Painted OMI with Kadees ins..

HO BRASS Precision Erie K-5b 4-6-2 F/P #2960 coal
New in box PSC# 18074.1 Erie K-5b,beautifully facory painted,fully lit. Magnificently detailed. Test..

HO BRASS Overland  omi# 4529.1 Union Pacific FeF-1 4-8-4  F/ P #816
New in box omi# 4529.1 UP FeF-1,beautifully factory painted,lit. Magnificently detailed. test run on..

HO BRASS Precision Breyers 41' Wood Milk Car F/P #101
New in box PSC Breyer's 41' wood milk car,nicely factory painted (note factory touch-up by ladder to..

HO BRASS Union Terminal Southern Pacific #296 Economy Baggage-Business Train  F/P
New in box UTI# 1028-16 SP business train ecnomoy baggage car,beautifully factory painted,magnificen..

HO BRASS Overland omi# 3010-5 MDT Vert-A-Pac Auto Carrier F/P
New in box omi 3010-5 MDT auto-carrier,beautifully Custom Painted OMI. Kadees installed. Purchased d..

HO BRASS Overland omi 1369 Borden's Milk Car w/end fins F/P red
New in box omi 1369 Bordens milk tank car with end fins,beautifully Custom Painted OMI. Kadees insta..

HO Overland OMI# 3214.2 Chevron Safety Training Tank Car F/P
New in box omi# 3214.2 Chevron Safety Training Tank Car,beautifully Custom Painted OMI,magnificently..

HO Overland omi# 3144 Great Northern Jordan Spreader F/P
Like new in box omi# 3144 GN Jordan spreader,beautifully Custom Painted OMI. Magnificently detaled w..

HO Overland omi# 3028-1 Skelgas Liquid Propane Tank Car C/P
Like new in box omi# 3028 Skelgas liquid propane tank car,beautifully Custom Painted for the Overlan..

HO Precision PSC# 18272.1 GE 'Little Joe' Demonstrator F/P #1 of  6
New in box PSC# 18272-1 GE "Little Joe" demonstrator,beautifully factory painted,lit. Magnificently ..

HO Precision PSC# 18066.2 Erie K-5a 4-6-2 F/P  #1 of 4 made
New in box PSC# 18066.2 Erie K-5a with 10K gallon/ton tender. beautifully factory painted,lit with l..

HO Rail Works New York Central Aerotrain 4 Car Set F/P
New in box Railworks L2857P NYC 4-car Aerotrain set,beautifully factory painted,lit. Full interior d..

HO Precision PSC# 18410-1 Lehigh Valley K-5s 4-6-2 #2101 F/P
New in box PSC# 18410.1 LV K-5s,beautifully factory painted,lit. Magnificently detailed. Test run on..

HO Precision psc# 17586-2 Burlington 'Aeolus' S-4a 4-6-4 F/P plated
New in box PSC# 17586-2 CB&Q S-4a 'Aeolus' Hudson,beautifully factory painted/plated.lit. magnif..

HO Precision PSC# 17790-1 Southern LS-1 2-8-8-2 F/P
New in box PSC# 17790-1 SOU LS-1,beautifully factory painted,lit. Magnificently detailed. Test run o..

HO Precision Rio Grande L-131 2-8-8-2 F/P
New in box PSC# 17530-1 DRGW L-131,beautifully factory painted,lit with lit markers. Magnificently d..

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