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BRASS O Challenger Union Pacific GP-20 LH F/P
Like new in box Challenger UP GP-20 low-hood,beautifully factory painted,lit with blinking beacon. M..

BRASS O Custom US Hobbies Santa Fe FP-45 w/Overland Drive C/P lightly weathered
Excellent condition US Hobbies ATSF FP-45 custom modified with Overland drive/trucks/gearboxes and A..

BRASS O Key Union Pacific F-7 A-B Set F/P
Like new in box Key UP F-7 A-B set,beautifully factory painted,lit with lit Mars light. Magnificentl..

BRASS O Pacific Limited Peoria & Eastern/NYC 8'-7" Steel Boxcar C/P
Excellent condition PL P&E/New York Central 8'-7" boxcar beautifully custom painted & weathe..

BRASS O Pecos River Santa Fe Rr32 Steel Reefer (re-built) F/P #32153
New in box PRB SFRD RR32 steel reefer,beautifully factory painted,magnificently detailed with workin..

BRASS O PFM Hillcrest #10 3-Truck Climax C.P
Excellent condition Pacific Fast Mail Hillcrest #10, beautifully custom painted (factory quality). M..

BRASS O Precision Baltimore & Ohio I-12 Wagon-Top Caboose F/P
Like new in box PSC B&O I-12,beautifully factory painted. Excellent detail. Kadees installed. ..

BRASS O Precision Southern Pacific Beet Gon C/P weathered
Excellent condition PSC SP beet gondola,beautifully custom painted and weathered. Athearn sprung tru..

BRASS O Precision Southern PS-1 40'  Boxcar C/P
Excellent condition PSCSouthern PS-1,beautifully custom painted & weathered by John Clemons. Exc..