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BRASS O Division Point Rio Grand Composite Caboose F/P
New in box DP DRGW composite 3-window caboose,beautifully factory painted. Magnificently detailed. Q..

BRASS O Hallmark/Ajin Santa Fe Santa Fe Drover's Car C/P
Excellent condition HM ATSF drover's caboose, beautifully custom painted (factory quality). Nicely d..

BRASS O Kohs Pennsylvania Railroad GLe Covered Hopper F/P vers. 3S white
Like new in box Kohs PRR GLe, beautifully factory painted. Magnificently detailed and understatement..

BRASS O Oriental Great Northern Wood Express Reefer C/P
Excellent condition Oriental GN 50' wood express reefer,beautifully custom painted (factory quality)..

BRASS O Pecos River Santa Fe Rr36 Steel Reefer F/P
Like new in box PRB SFRD Rr36 steel reefer,beautifully factory painted. Nicely detailed with working..

BRASS O Precision Canadian National 50' AAR 2-Door Auto Boxcar C/P
Excellent condition PSC CN double-door boxcar,beautifully custom painted and weathered by John Clemo..

BRASS O Precision Pfaudler 50' Wood Milk Tank Car F/P
Like new in box PSC Pfaudler wood milk tank car,beautifully factory painted. Well detailed with PSC ..