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BRASS O Alco Pennsylvania Railroad N6a Wood Cabin C/P
Excellent condition Alco PRR N6a,beautifully custom painted (factory quality). Nicely detailed with ..

BRASS O Kohs Pennsylvania Railroad GLe Covered Hopper F/P vers. 4P white
New in box Kohs PRR GLe,beautifully factory painted,magnificently detailed from top to bottom. Worki..

BRASS O Kohs Pennsylvania Railroad N5c Cabin F/P
Kohs PRR N5c, beautifully factory painted. Magnificently detailed with full underbody,interior,wor..

BRASS O Overland Canadian National Slab Side Covered Hopper C/P
Excellent condition Overland CN covered hopper,beautifully custom painted and weathered by John Clem..

BRASS O Overland Union Pacific CA-1 Wood Caboose F/P
Like new in box Overland UP CA-1,beautifully factory painted. Nicely detailed with full underbody. ..

BRASS O Pacific Limited Union Pacific F-50-11 Flat Car C/P
Excellent condition PL UP 50' flat car. nicely custom painted and weathered. Yoder sprung trucks and..

BRASS O Pecos River Santa Fe Rr23 Steel Reefer re-build F/P #32423
New in box PRB ATSF Rr23 factory painted. Nicely detailed with working hatches. Beautifully factory ..

BRASS O Precision Pfaudler 50' Borden's Wood Milk Car F/P
Like new in box PSC Borden's milk car,beautifully factory painted. Magnificenty detailed with underb..

BRASS O Yoder Clinchfield GLa 2-Bay Hopper C/P
Excellent condition RY Models Clinchfield (ex-PRR) GLa 2-bay,beautifully custom painted and weathere..

BRASS O Yoder Virginian "Battleship" Gondola F/P
Excellent condition RY Models VGN gondola,beautifully factory painted,magnificently detailed inside,..