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BRASS O Yoder Lehigh Valley Cement Container Gondola F/P
Like new in box RY LV cement container gon,beautifully custom painted for RY Models. Magnificently d..

BRASS O Car Works Seaboard Pneumatic Cement Covered Hopper F/P
Like new in box CW Seaboard PD cement covered hopper,beautifully factory painted. Magnificently deta..

BRASS O Precision Pennsylvania RailroadH27 6-Bay Hopper  C/P
Excellent condition PSC PRR H27 6 bay, hopper, beautifully custom painted,magnificently detailed. At..

BRASS O Overland Canadian Pacific Slab Sides Covered Hopper  C/P
Excellent condition Overland CP slab side covered hopper, beautifully custom painted and weathered b..

BRASS O Overland Burlington Northern Thrall Centerbeam 64' Lumber Car C/P
Excellent condition Overland BN Thrall center beam,, beautifully custom painted (factory quality). M..

BRASS O Precision Southern Pacific P-8 4-6-2 C/P
Very good condition PSC SP San Joaquin Daylight Pacific, beautifully custom painted,lit. Magnificent..

BRASS O Key Southern Pacific PA3-PB3  Set F/P
Excellent condition Key SP PA-PB set,beautifully factory painted,lit with lit markers,number boards ..

BRASS O Overland Santa Fe Dash8-40BW F/P
Excellent condition Overland ATSF Dash8-40BW,beautifully Custom Painted OMI. Nicely detailed with ca..

BRASS O ChallengerSanta Fe GP-20 LH F/P
Like new in box Challenger ATSF GP-20 low hood,beautifully factory painted,lit with lit beacon. Very..

BRASS O Kohs New York Central J-3a 4-6-4 Box Pok F/P #5421
Excellent condition Kohs NYC Hidson,beautifully factory painted,lit. Magnificently detailed,a testem..

BRASS O Oriental Union Pacific NW-2 C/P
Like new in box Oriental UP NW-2,beautifully custom painted (factory quality). Nicely detailed with ..

American Scale Models  Locomotive & Passenger Car Wash Rack BRUSH SECTIONS Set
New from American Scale Models, brass wash rack brush and spray set. Set of 2 paired brush sections ..

BRASS O Key Southern F-3 A-B Set F/P
Like new in box Key Southern F-3 A-B set,beautifully factory painted,lit with lit number boards. Mag..