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Precision Southern Pacific GS-5 4-8-4 F/P Full Daylight #4458
Like new in box PSC SP GS-5,beautifully factory painted,lit. Magnificently detailed. Test run excell..

Overland Pennsylvania Railroad DL600A HH C/P
Excellent condition Overland PRR DL600A high-hood. Beautifully custom painted by Ken Beuhler in corr..

O Scale Overland Reading C430 C/P
Excellent condition Overland RDG C430,beautifully custom painted by Ken Beuhler. Nicely detailed,lit..

Key Missouri Pacific PA-1/2 A-A set F/P
Like new in boxes Key latest run MP PA A-A set,beautifully factory painted,well lit. Magnificently d..

O Overland EMD E8A Without Portholes w/dynamic #2
Like new in box 2nd model of Overland E8A without portholes (another 1 of 10 made). Optional dynamic..

O Overland EMD E8A Without Portholes w/dynamic
Like new in box Overland E8A w/o portholes (one of 10 made). Optional dynamic nicely installed. Well..

Car & Locomotive Western Maryland M-2 4-6-6-4 F/P
New in box CLS WM M-2,beautifully factory painted,lit. Magnificently detailed inside, outside and un..

Precision Nashville Chattenooga & St Louis 12-1 Heavyweight Pullman C/P "Westmoreland"
Excellent condition PSC N.C.&St L. 12-1,beautifully custom painted with faux shadow line stripin..

Custom Canadian National Wood Caboose C/P
Excellent condtion and beautifully custom built,CNR wood caboose in brass. Magnificently detailed an..

Overland Union Pacific #80 Coal Turbine 3-Unit Set F/P
New in box Overland UP #80 coal turbine,beautifully factory painted,lit. Magni..

Kohs Union Pacific 4-12-2 F/P post war version
New in box Kohs UP 4-12-2 with working 3rd cylinder,beautifully factory painte..

Precision Burlington S-4 Hudson F/P
New in box PSC CB&Q S-4  4-6-4,beautifully factory painted,lit. Magni..

Sunset Burlington California Zephyr, etc., 2 Door Baggage 'Argo'
Excellent condition SS 2 rail CB&Q 2 door baggage car "Argo" custom lettered..

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